Ashia Karana is an innovative lyricist and vocalist carving out her own unique lane in the world of music. Spending half of her life in central NJ and the other half just outside Atlanta, she grew up with the best of both worlds - gritty NY gangsta rap and the playful homegrown hip-hop of the south. At home she bloomed through an endless playlist of soulful artists like Stevie Wonder, Tina Marie, Eric Roberson, Erykah Badu, and Earth, Wind, and Fire. The house was always buzzing with an eclectic mix of sounds thanks to her parents and older brother who's taste surely influenced AK's well rounded thirst for good music. 

Karana quickly gravitated towards the arts as a youth. Starting with the art of dance, she quickly branched out into theater, acting, and writing, and music. Reflecting the trends of the times, she and her girlfriends found themselves writing gansgta raps that no one would imagine children writing. She never imagined those Dipset influenced bars would be the start of a life-long journey with music. 

She never really imagined being the next diva of her time, or even a vocalist at all. Coming up, most of top female artists were people whose image and rhetoric she couldn't quite identify with. That made it hard for her to imagine herself in such a position. However, unbenknowest to her, something inside her, paired the influence of a few special artists, had other plans. 

It wasn't until her college years at GSU that she began to take her artistry more seriously. A few interactions into sharing her music and receiving great praise and excitement, she decided to make a deeper commitment to music. She felt as if it were her calling since it felt so organic to her and made others feel so good. 

She began building with producers in ATL and was quickly on her way to finding her sound. Much like what she grew up on, her sound is very versatile but always soulful. AK goes bar for bar then seamlessly transitions the smoothest of melodic phrases.

Not only did her sound unfold sonically, but also her message began to unveil itself. She knew she was here to say something - something not being said. She knew that all the things that made her who she was had marinated into a deliciously unique offering for the world. She knew her authenticity could inspire generations to come. 

Karana plans to do just that with her Debut EP TRUST which will be released Spring 2020. As the title lends, this project is a creative work birthed from the process of active surrender. At a time in the world where so much is uncertain she hopes that this sonic intention will inspire trust in the hearts of listeners.